From my lovely Yogis



I am so lucky to get to know some amazing amazing people. Here are some lovely words which I have received to share with anyone thinking about joining us for a retreat, class or private session.



Couldn't have asked for a better group of people, location or agenda for the France retreat with Emma. Everyday began with dynamic, flowy yoga; Emma guiding us through the intention for the day perfectly. Food was prepared with love and shared around a table as a group of friends - not a host and guests. This was one of my favourite elements of the retreat. Having free time to do what daily life never permits - read, rest, talk - was gold dust. As a fairly 'beginner' yogi, emma made the retreat so approachable and personal - everyone was encouraged to go at their own pace and focus on their personal practice. I learnt so much about my body and my brain, in 4 days, which I never expected. Thanks for the new experiences, new found confidence and new friendships, Ems. One in a mill xx

Retreat in Hossegor, France, Rhyanna

London, UK

I am so happy I went on the France retreat. It wasn’t just about doing yoga, it was a full mindful experience. I really had time to think about my life and my priorities and think about what I really want. Although it brought up lots of feelings everything on the retreat was about positivity – from the wholesome lovely food (which I am recreating at home!), the amazing yoga sessions, the play sessions, and Emma’s words of encouragement and love – including the You Are Beautiful signs on all mirrors. I still smile each time I see it in my home now. Everyone had so much love for each other that you really felt it. I didn’t know anyone on this retreat but everyone was lovely and we really did bond.

I don’t think I have ever been so relaxed!!! Time to just enjoy. Reading outside. Going for walks. Having a nap because you could! I let go of all responsibilities and it was amazing.

I have not been doing yoga for long, and certainly don’t consider myself to be very good! That didn’t matter at all. I would encourage anyone of any level of yoga experience to go on a retreat. Be open minded and just try. I achieved so much in my yoga that I never thought I would do – my first ever half a head stand and arm balances I’d never done before. Even if I only held it for half a second it felt so good to know I had achieved it!

Overall I came away thinking I could do anything I wanted to – in yoga and in life. I wanted to hold onto the amazing positivity and I will try to live my life for the better – better food, using my body more, playing more and allowing time for me and to de-stress.

Retreat in Hossegor, France, Emily

Exeter, UK

It was so perfect, with the most beautiful perfect people and I would always be comparing it with this retreat, the bar is set high!  I can't believe it has already been over a week since we were all there, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful place you created for us, I felt so much love, kindness and inspiration bouncing around the room, such beautiful souls.  Your teaching is perfect, you know when to encourage me further and every movement makes me feel closer to getting back to me. I would love to attend another one and I know mummy would too.

Retreat in Hossegor, France, Becky

Exeter, UK

I'd never been on a yoga retreat before and as I was going on my own, I was super nervous about the whole thing, but Emma put me at ease from the first minute I was in contact with her. The Hossegor retreat was everything I was looking for: dynamic and challenging morning flows, soothing and meditative evening practises, delicious and nourishing food, wonderful fellow yogis and all in an incredible setting. Emma cultivates an incredibly special and unique environment to play and learn in and I not only had some much needed time for myself, but made some very special friends too. I learnt so much in the time I was there (about things on and off the mat, internal and external) and have come back to London feeling rejuvenated, motivated and empowered.

Retreat in Hossegor, France, Sophie

London, UK

I have no qualms in saying I am not a very flexible or experienced yogi. That said, practice with Emma settles my mind, guides me to stretch my body in ways I'm not sure how to on my own, and teaches me to understand my body and improve my strength. 

The salcombe retreat was a truly special experience. Not only were the surroundings completely idyllic, but having the freedom to relax and just enjoy this slice of escapism among yoga sessions and time on the water, was a total treat. It felt as though I was on holiday, treating my body to completely wholesome food and challenging it with the mix of exercise Emma had planned. My yoga improved from the get-go and I came back to London completely rejuvenated with some new, incredibly special friends. 

Luxury Detox Yoga Retreat, Rhyanna

London, UK

The detox retreat was honestly one of the best experiences I have had. From flowing to the incredible sea views, to candlelight meditation, to the amazing food; the whole weekend was a relaxing and inspiring experience. I came away from the retreat with newly found positivity and inner calmness, and a great bunch of new friends - I cannot recommend it enough. 

Luxury Detox Yoga Retreat, Jemma

London, UK

Great videos Emma Jaulin! I have a desk-bound, corporate job and struggle to fit a full yoga class into my busy daily routine but these are just perfect! Once I'm home for the evening I can just pop one on (whichever length I feel I have time for) and have an engaged stretch. I'm also training for a triathlon and these are the perfect compliment to my running, cycling and swimming sessions, helping me strengthen and lengthen my muscles and prevent me having to take time out for injuries or a pulled muscle. So glad you made these - thank you!


London, UK

I am writing this from a hotel room in Germany. My point? I have to travel a lot for work, which brings disadvantages that include long periods of bad posture on trains and planes, and not being able to attend yoga classes every week! Em’s videos have therefore proved invaluable.
I first tried yoga years ago, but haven’t done it properly until I started attending Emma’s class last year. Before then I had tried most alternative treatments for lower back pain, which I have had now since surfing twice daily in Australia eight years ago.

I now attend Em’s classes whenever possible, and have found a marked improvement in my flexibility. It has also helped rebuild shattered confidence in my back. The mix of classes and using the videos at home/when travelling is a real help, as the videos use similar content to the live sessions. 

I know plenty of surfers with back pain, but none that would probably do a proper yoga routine before or straight after surfing, as all want to maximize time in the water. I am guilty of this, but at least will now try to do the post surf routine later that evening – it’s a great way to wind body and mind down.

I still surf very regularly and firmly hope and believe Em’s techniques will help prolong my surfing days for the next few decades.

Once she includes her music playlists too, it’ll be the complete package...! 


Devon, UK

I have been practising Yoga at Emma's classes for two years. 
My overall flexibility has improved dramatically and my numerous old rugby injuries require less treatment.
Emma has a relaxed but very professional style of teaching which caters for students of all levels.
Classes are fun and you will leave feeling invigorated, knowing that your body has been put through its paces.
Yoga - the way forward. It keeps me injury free, increases my fitness and allows me to enjoy my sports, namely surfing and stand up paddle boarding.


Triocean UK

I just wanted to say thank you so much for what your classes have done over the months, when there was only one or two, to where we are now. Having come out of chemo treatment it was always difficult to see where I was going to get myself back together again. I’ve always challenged myself, probably in a way that’s not always been very kind to myself and that’s where your yoga sessions have taught me to be a bit nicer, if I can use that word, to myself as well as challenge myself which I will continue to do. Maybe paddle board in the summer!!

I like the way we all seem to gel together, even with a bit of laughter but all of us wanting to get better at what we do.

Emma, thank you so much, your teaching is brilliant.


Devon, UK

I really look forward to using Emma's videos. Not only do I get to look at some amazing scenery but Emma's great direction and calming voice allows me to feel really energised and relaxed at the same time. Living abroad means that I cant attend Emma's classes so the release of these videos is the perfect way for me to practice a style of yoga that really works for me. I hope she continues to make many more videos! 



I have been practicing yoga with Emma for a couple of years now and am so sad when I have to miss a class.   She inspires us to get the most from her classes for ourselves reminding us our practice is personal.  She has such a relaxed and easy manner  which always seems to encourage her classes.

I play tennis, run, cycle and SUP so her yoga classes help me to stretch out, strengthen and take some time out to connect with my mind and body.

Thanks Emma for introducing me to your style of yoga.  Your classes are so beneficial and enjoyable.


Devon, UK

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