Fancy trying something competely different? Work the core like never before? Love playing outdoors? 


We are into our 6th year of SUP Yoga in Salcombe, being the first to bring it to Devon. There are so many reasons to give SUP Yoga a go. SUP Yoga encourages you to get out into the natural environment, the sounds of the water lapping up against the board soothes the mind and promotes calm. Imagine getting as close to walking on water as possible! SUP Yoga gives you a challenging core workout, you’re entire body is keeping you balanced and strong. You find muscles you didn’t know existed. If you are a beginner or already a keen Yogi, practicing Yoga on a SUP helps to improve your technique, the awareness of the body and postures is heightened to a new level. You are required to let go of perfection and enjoy that very moment.

For complete beginners to experienced land Yogi’s, SUP Yoga makes you feel fantastic, it is hugely motivational; the adrenaline of not falling in the water keeps you focused! Come and have a giggle, what’s the worst that can happen? You fall in and get back on! 


SUP Yoga Salcombe


SUP Yoga is held in Salcombe at SeaKayak & SUP on South Sands beach. 




You can wear normal Yoga kit for SUP Yoga, however there is a possibility you may get wet so I recommend having a spare set of clothes with you. There are wetsuits avaliable if you would feel more comfortable wearing one.

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