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It's a long one, possibly my longest post ever, try and stay with me :-)

Well it has been almost a month since my last blog and well its been a big month and a busy month! If you followed my hint to went over to my new pregnancy retreat release you may have read that I am pregnant! Although my sister said I mentioned it in the most stealth way possible and she almost missed it! I am into my second trimester and I am hoping that the pregnancy glow everyone keeps talking about is right around the corner, I won't lie, these first 12 weeks have been uncomfortable to say the least. Hendrik and I are so very very happy to be making our own little human to bring into this world, and of course as life progresses change comes with it.

Little side note here.....if you are not pregnant and don't know anyone who is and have no interest in reading about what I have planned for all the prego mums out there and my podcast release....scroll down to the NON PREGNANT NEWS section!

When I found out I was pregnant, I did feel a little wobbly, only because of the change it once again meant for me. Moving my Yoga from Salcombe and London to one base in Exeter was like starting again, and it still is! If you are a yoga teacher reading this, you will know what I mean. It is challenging being self employed, making yogis new and experienced aware of your classes. No matter how long you have been teaching, leaving your incredibly loyal students whom you love and heading to a new area, where you know no-one is really hard both emotionally and financially. I feel like I am just finding my feet now in and around Exeter, building a community through my brunches, day retreats and classes, so another change, (no matter how beautiful and so very wanted), on the horizon was a little unsettling. What will happen to my yoga? And the answer is it will grow with me! Right now I have added prenatal yoga classes to my schedule, I have been trained to teach for 5 years now. I have seen clients through and out the other side of pregnancy and birth because I have known their bodies previously to pregnancy and can guide them through. But as for running prenatal public classes, I have always felt, how can I possibly guide something when I can't feel it for myself...and now I can! We already have the most amazing community of pregnant ladies joining for prenatal yoga, although it will remain a small class so we can all get to know each other, there is room for a few more, so if you are pregnant or know someone who is do come along (all trimesters welcome, get the details here). I am also running a Preggo Yoga Brunch on the 15th April (details also on my website), which will be an hours prenatal yoga (all trimesters welcome) followed by brunch!

I promise I will get to non pregnant stuff in a mo (skip down a few paragraphs if you are not interested), but whilst I am on topic...there are two other things I would like to mention!

First is my new PODCAST! Yes you read that right, its still all very very new, but I have started a podcast called MUM TALK, you can find it on iTunes here and through the podcast tab on my website. Starting this podcast is a huge leap of faith for me, it was one of those things which I have really wanted to do but questioned, it is also one of those things which I know if I didn't do I would spend a lot of wasted time and thoughts on the what if I did questions! So my only option was to go for it and thats that!​ Of course it all started when we found out we were pregnant, and I headed into iTunes to look for podcasts on motherhood, but all I could find was factual podcasts rather than fun, lighthearted conversations about being a new mum. So thats what I am brining to you, ​whether you are pregnant, have children, are a father to be, are planning to have children, or don't have children and enjoy listening this podcast is as much for you as it is for me, there is so much I need to learn. I have not been around many children in my growing up so I literally have no clue and feel I am going to need all the advice out there from REAL MUMS! ​Each week I will be speaking to lots and lots of mum's out there, mum pro's and expecting mums from all backgrounds asking them all the questions! Thats where you come in, if you'd like to be involved, what do you want to know? Being pregnant and expecting (especially as a first timer) there is a lot that can seem a tad scary and overwhelming so ask away, whatever the question! I have set up an email for you to send all your questions to, and I will ask my guests mums, dads, specialists for you! I would love for you to have a listen, if you enjoy it (I so hope you will) please subscribe and review, every review helps my podcast to get out there! THANK YOU!

Second and final prego announcement, if you haven't checked it out already is my pregnancy retreat! When finding out I was pregnant I was thinking all about the baby moon and when we would need to get away to grab a little time for me before baby takes over. I was thinking about what I would want if it was just me heading away and thats when my 'Mumma to be Luxury Weekend Retreat' came about! I have made this retreat as a pregnant woman for pregnant women, for pregnancy in all trimesters. This weekend is a mixture of divine luxury, relaxation, outdoor walks, ocean swims, estuary view yoga, amazing food and an opportunity to learn. We are being absolutely spoilt by being joined over the course of the weekend by specialists in midwifery, breastfeeding, pregnancy massage and reflexology and the most incredible private chef. There will be plenty of time for walks along the beach, relaxation in the garden, blissful time to yourself, time to connect with your bump and time to chat with new friends and mums to be. Booking is now open on my website, and the retreat is running from the 11th to the 14th May. If you are not pregnant yourself but know someone who this sounds perfect for please do send them the link! I am so excited to share this with everyone.


On to NON Pregnant things! Sorry to those of you who aren't pregnant! There is so much happening for you, including my NEW Retreat, Ultimate Luxury British Summer Long Weekend with Yoga & SUP Yoga ! Which I am literally booming about! This is going to be the first ever retreat I have held in the height of the Summer months, imagine doing Yoga outside to the sound of the ocean with the sun beaming down on your face? Plus sup expeditions around the crystal clear coast, perhaps seeing our local dolphins and seals, stopping on the beach for snacks and playing with SUP Yoga! The retreat is running from the 12th to the 15th July in Salcombe so super easy to get to from most of the UK and well worth the travel. I have created this retreat to be a perfect balance between a Yoga retreat and a fun, active, outdoor long weekend, hanging out in absolute luxury and embracing all our British Summer has to offer! During the course of the weekend we will take in the incredible views and the ocean air through a mixture of sunbathing, hiking, beach workouts, sup expeditions with sup yoga and sea swims. We will soothe our tired muscles through Yoga, massages, yes massages and hot tubs. When the nights get dark we will snuggle up by the fire reading books, chatting all things life, drinking tea and eating treats.

What do you think? Booking is now open on my website , and I would love for you to join us.

And lastly if you are free this weekend, come to this weekends YOGA BRUNCH ! This month I have the amazing opportunity to spoil you to thank you for your huge support! Just enter the code 'friendsbrunching' when you book two places on the brunch this Sunday 4th March at Harrys and you'll receive your discount for you and your friend. So hope you can make it!

THANK YOU for taking the time to read/skip your way through this long journal entry! I hope there is something within the entry which you can relate to or want to be a part of!

I so hope to meet you soon

Lots of love and once again thank you so much for your continued support!



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