Renovation talk - part 2 Upstairs

I am so sorry, I promised this journal entry a while ago but I have to admit to being a tad distracted. My first renovation entry (go have a read if you haven't yet) received such a great response it was picked up by a home renovation mag (can't yet disclose which) and I was asked to write about our renovating experience for a feature! Completely unexpected but super fun! Better late than never, here I am sharing a little of upstairs with you!

Photos speak louder that words in the beginning so here you have the upstairs of our renovation project! Hendrik and I worked together on most of the upstairs, asking help from just a few key tradesmen, our plumber and plasterer!

With our farmhouse being 1880's upstairs was made up of lime plaster and lath and plaster walls, bar one which is a modern construction as it was an extension the previous owners put on to turn the once L shaped house into a rectangle. We had one wall separating our study from our third bedroom which had at some point broken its laths, the wall was starting to crumble. We had this rebuilt and plastered. We also had two of the lime plastered walls, which had been wall papered, re plastered with lime plaster. Lime plaster helps an old house to breathe, so the danger of not re plastering with lime plaster is that it will lock in moisture and the house won't be able to breathe resulting in potential damp, especially if you replace all the draughty original windows like we did! The thing with lime plaster is there is no point in painting lime plaster with normal paint as again it doesn't let it breathe so it is sensible to use specific paint for lime plaster, big downside is you have to paint A LOT! We painted each room 7 times, spraying with water in between as the plaster draws in so much of the paint.

As I mentioned in my last entry I will go into the details further down the line with more photos also, for now check out the difference!

As always I would love to hear any questions you might have and what you might want me to cover if you are doing something similar yourself! Feel free to pop me a message through social media (links to these on homepage of lifestyle section) or email!

Have a lovely Sunday

Ems xx


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