A first look - renovation talk

During the last few months of 2017 I received a lot of questions and direct messages about our house and renovations, I think this inquisitiveness came from posting some more lifestyle and interior shots on my instagram. I put out a poll seeing how many of you would be interested in hearing more about our journey and the processes we went through to reach where we are now...it was 98% of you! Et voila, here I am sharing our story (I'm hoping Hendrik will share with you all too, I'm persuading)!

Our renovation journey began in 2016, with a bang. In the space of one month we went on our honeymoon, packed up Hendrik's home of 11 years and relocated to Devon where we made a temporary home in rented accommodation whilst our first house purchase together went through. That January we were very lucky, a beautiful 1880's farmhouse which I had seen 6 months previously and just missed viewing came back onto the market after the sale had fallen through and we received the first phone call. If you have ever moved, you will know how hard it can be to find a property. We had been looking for months and months, I had spent hours viewing a lot of properties all over the area wondering if something would ever come our way. Hendrik only joined me on a few viewings, so was slightly unaware of quite how difficult this process was.

Growing up my parents loved renovating houses, in fact I don't think we lived in the same house for longer that 5 years, so I could see immediate potential for this beautiful old farmhouse which had been lived in by the same family for 20+ years. Hendrik took a little time to win around, in fact the first time I showed it to him he walked into the then living room and did the action of waving his hand in front of his throat (you know the one?). I had pretty much moved myself in, I was truly gutted. In the car on the way home, we were going around and around in circles when we had what seemed like a lightbulb moment, to completely open up downstairs and potentially extend (a whole other story...which I will get to, we had some serious learnings which will absolutely benefit you if you're thinking of extending). The main reason Hendrik was struggling to fall in love with this house was because he is tall, and to him the house felt cramped with low ceilings and dark. For a small person (me, potentially with rosy coloured spectacles on) it wasn't any of these things but I could completely understand where he was coming from.

My aim is to bring together little snippets of our journey, which are easy to read and are not a long slog getting through endless text. Initially the pictures do the talking, below are photos of downstairs from when we viewed the house, a couple months in (when nothing happened - we were focused on upstairs) to now. I am hoping you lovely readers will have questions as I go along about the process, how we created certain looks, sourcing etc. which I would love to answer, please email me or direct message me on social media. Either way I will continue to go into more detail in time and answer your questions!

EARLY 2016

Utility room & downstairs loo early 2016

Kitchen/Living space early 2016 (pre receiving keys & post)

Hallway separating the living room and kitchen/living space, early 2016

Living room early 2016

AND NOW 2018

Now boot room & downstairs loo

Kitchen/Living Space 2018

Living room 2018

Where the hallway used to be - now 2018

Quite a change has taken place, there are still a few big cost items to go but we are in no rush, we are very happy enjoying a tidy, clean, dust free home! Like most who undertake renovations, we wanted the house to reflect who we were as people. For instance....a floor we could walk through in muddy shoes, have a dog run around in, skateboard around, a fresh, light and bright canvas to add colour to with furnishings, a functional place to hang our dripping wet wetsuits...definitely another whole post on why we made the choices we made....I'll get there I promise.

I hope you have found this first look interesting and perhaps you can relate! Keep checking back for the next instalment....Upstairs!

If you're currently renovating and feel you will never reach the end, you will, it takes time...perhaps a little....a lot more than intended!




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