Going offline, New Year pressures & things to come.

Hello! I have been offline for 8 days now and I cannot tell you how amazing it has felt! I gave my absolute all to my family. We hiked and ran along the stunning cliffs everyday through wind and a lot of rain, I taught my mumma and sister how to surf on Christmas Day, yep it was chilly, we watched movies and did puzzles. I embraced my love of baking and spent a lot of Christmas Eve baking vegan gingerbread and creating a gingerbread house which was absolutely the most tasty gingerbread I have ever made but one downside....it stood as a gingerbread house for all of 5 seconds. I am normally the only one who eats gingerbread but everyone loved it and there was no house left by Boxing Day (I'll try to perfect the recipe for Christmas 2018 to share with you, but for now you can giggle at my photos). It was so lovely to be fully with my family, no distractions. But the time has come for me to come back online and start sharing with you all again!

I don't know about you but every year I feel New Year pressure. Questioning what 2018 holds for me, what I should be doing to be better, how I should be running my business more effectively, to be more active, setting goals, how not mess it up! I remember on this exact day last year feeling exactly the same way I feel today. Anyone out there feel the same? Drawing from my experience and my husbands thoughts on this, there is so much hype around New Year but really it is another day to enjoy and live in the moment, appreciate what you have around you, appreciate you and take some deep breaths. Thats what I'll be doing! I know some of what 2018 has in store for me, but I am sure it will throw me some curve balls, disappointments, exciting, happy moments and I feel ready to take those on.

I am starting this year with a mini change, in fact its not really a change it is a development. Over the last 5 years my business has progressed from Hang Ten Yoga to Emma Jaulin Yoga & Wellness and as we enter 2018 I feel the need for another slight amend, so I have created Emma Jaulin Lifestyle & Balance. I noticed that towards the end of 2017 when people asked me what I do I would respond with I teach Yoga, teaching Yoga was defining me as a person, I give and create so much more, so I wanted this platform to be open to what lies ahead alongside my Yoga teachings, giving me the opportunity to share so much more with you. At the beginning of the month I put out a little poll on my instagram about what you would like to see more of and 98% of you wanted to hear more about how my husband and I renovated our 1880's farmhouse (on a budget!). On my website you will now find all things from creations in the kitchen (some surprisingly delicious), lifestyle notes, yoga videos, yoga classes and home renovation insights are coming, I just need to collate everything and figure out the best way to share it with you all so it isn't overwhelming! There will also be some exciting editions to the lifestyle section, which I can't yet share but there's more coming. My reason for all of this....we are all individual, we all develop. I remember a long time ago a friend said to me 'you've changed', at the time I was so upset by it, but I shouldn't have been. We all change, we all develop, we grow, life gives us change and its whether we embrace it or are nervous to face it.

2017 was an incredible year for me and my business, its only really when I sit down and really take a look back at the year I realise how much I have worked for and accomplished. Make sure you do the same!

I so look forward to connecting with more of you in 2018! Thank you again for all your support!


Ems x


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