Vegan Lasagne - best yet!

I only made this last night but I had to share it with you right away as it was absolutely delicious and brought back all those memories and tastes from a warming, rich, cheesy lasagne.

Hendrik loved it so much he has taken pretty much half of it to work today....when I reached for seconds last night he said 'errr what are you doing? This is my lunch can't just take the cheesy bit' and continued to take the spoon and give me a small second portion....hahaha. As a wife, I am very very happy he loved it so much...but as the creator of this deliciousness I wanted it all for myself! I apologise for the photos, they are not my finest. We were so hungry and desperate to eat it we scooped and plonked on our plates rather than making it look pretty.

The only ingredient you do need to plan ahead for which you might not have in your cupboard is Marigold Health Foods Vegan Engevita Yeast Flakes. Annie introduced these to me when she made me this amazing cheesy aubergine pizza thingi! I bought mine from Holland & Barrett (here's the link), and I bought the ones with added B12, if you are vegan or lean more towards a plant based diet research shows we don't get enough B12 so grab it where you can! (This is absolutely not a sponsored post in any this stuff of similar from wherever you like. I am just sharing what I bought and where I bought it so it is easy for you.)

The lasagne itself is plant based but does contain lasagne sheets, so if you are gluten intolerant be sure to source the gluten free one.

Here's what you need:

For the cheesy sauce:

1 heaped tbsp flour (I used wholemeal simply because I didn't have anything else but I don't see why you can't use rice flour, or normal unbleached flour. Try not to use a flour with a strong could taste the wholemeal but in a way it added to the richness of the sauce)

1 tsp cornflour (this helps to thicken, it's not an absolute necessity)

2 tbsp vegan butter and/or coconut oil (I used 1 tbsp vegan butter and 1tbsp coconut oil because I ran out of vegan butter. This is simply to have something for the flour to cook into, to create a paste)

350ml Roasted Unsweetened Almond Milk

2 heaped tbsp Engevita Yeast Flakes



For the rest:

6 vegan lasagne sheets (& gluten free if you need)

1 & 1/2 courgettes maybe 2 depending on the size of your dish (I buy organic veggies as Hendrik and I don't drink so we feel the money we save on booze we can put towards organic fruit and veggies)

A few handfuls of spinach (can be fresh or frozen. I used some homegrown spinach from the last cuttings of our veggie patch)

1 medium to large tomato or a few cherry tomatoes sliced

1 carton (approx. 500g) of tomato passata

Fresh/frozen basil

Method guide:

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees c.

2. Grease a pie dish, or deep dish with coconut oil.

3. Slice the courgettes and tomatoes into thin disks, and layer your greased dish with a layer of courgettes, add some spinach and a few disks of tomatoes, cover with half of the lasagne sheets and pour over half of the passata and set to one side.

4. In a saucepan on a medium heat melt the butter and or coconut oil, once melted add the flour. Stir and combine for a few minutes, be careful not to let the flour burn.

5. Once a paste forms add in a little of the almond milk whisking until the mixture is smooth. You'll notice the mixture thicken, so add a little more almond milk and continue these steps until you've used all the almond milk.

6. Allow to simmer on a medium heat until the sauce starts to thicken a little more.

7. Add in the cornflour to help the thickening process if needed.

8. Once your sauce has thickened (it wants to be pourable and coat the back of a spoon) add in the yeast flakes and salt and pepper to taste. You can always add more yeast flakes if it isn't cheesy enough for you.

9. Take off the heat and pour half of the mixture over your layered lasagne.

10. Repeat the layering. Layer some more courgettes on top of the sauce, followed with tomatoes and spinach. Add the remaining lasagne sheets, passata and cheesy sauce. Make sure all of the lasagne sheets are covered with sauce. Top with more basil, a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

11. Pop in the oven for 35 minutes.

12. Serve with a refreshing side salad.