'New friendships & new found confidence'

Friends! This is a super quick one as I wanted you all to read what I am about to say! There are so many of us who feel alone in this world, feel nervous to join and be a part of experiences, events...walking into a room alone is tough! I have spent the last year doing so....we relocated and making new friends is hard and really scary....in my opinion the older you get the harder it is to make friends! Simply, it sucks to feel alone....and I hate knowing that there are so many of us feeling the same.

If you know me, or see whats going on in my world through the power of social media, you'll see there is a common theme....bringing people together...taking away the scariness of coming alone to a class or event. I work my hardest to make sure these events can be afforded by most...so we can all just come together! Last week I held a very small event in my own home to truly reach out to everyone, to make sure everyone had the opportunity to be a part of a growing community.

This is me, reaching out to you, to say, if you are felling shitty or alone or if you are feeling great and just want to get involved, make new friends and feel part of a community, browse through my events and retreats page and come and join us! You don't need to be an expert Yogi, you may never have practiced Yoga before and thats completely fine, just come along!

I have also just launched a new 'retreat' although its not really a retreat as such, it is a getaway weekend. We will practice Yoga but the focus won't be on Yoga, it will be on laughing, getting outside, hiking, exploring, having fun, making new friends, hanging out and sitting by the fire playing board games! CLICK HERE to go straight through to the getaway weekend page. If you are looking for a specific Yoga retreat then CLICK HERE to go through to Annie and I's Luxury Boutique Yoga Retreat in Portugal in April next year, it will be epic and I think I am right in saying we don't have that many rooms left!

If you're still a little unsure, CLICK HERE and read the words of my most recent guests.

Please if this resonates with you, and you feel like you'd just like to get in touch, do! Email me! Don't be afraid to reach out.

I am here



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