Pinching myself this even happened! Boardmasters with Roxy

It's times like these I have to pinch myself, really hard! I had no idea life would give me this moment, little me on that stage, with that view guiding all those smiling faces!

How was this a month ago? Just where is time going? This time last month we had just wrapped the final Roxy Fitness Yoga session at Boardmasters Festival. This festival gave us everything, wind, rain, sunshine, surf but most of all smiling faces who were ready to embrace all of the elements!

I am forever grateful to Roxy for inviting me to teach the morning Roxy Fitness Yoga sessions on the View Stage at Boardmasters Festival, it truly was one of the most amazing experiences so far in my career. I absolutely thrive teaching hundreds and hundreds of people, the buzz, the vibe, the energy, the laughter, smiles, focus, group movement is just incredible to be a part of. To know that I am helping hundreds of girls feel, learn, connect with their physical bodies and minds makes me one very happy teacher!

Plus just look at that view? Currently this is topping my list of the most beautiful location to teach Yoga! I just LOVE these weekends, and with the Roxy crew they truly are full of laughter, fun, exploring, unknowns and playtime!

Come and join us next year!





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