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I have been so lucky to travel to some incredible places in my lifetime, but I have never made it to Croatia! Until my mum went on a sailing trip around the islands of Croatia it had never really been on my radar. So when I was invited to go to teach for Wanderlust week and experience the beautiful island of Obonjan I was thrilled!

I'll start at the beginning. I had an easy journey over, flying straight into Split airport, getting picked up by a speedy taxi driver and whisked to the port of Šibenik. A little 3 hour wait, writing, soaking in the heat and sipping iced teas at Obonjan's partner cafe SHE, passed the time very quickly. I then hopped on my Obonjan ferry which took 45 minutes to reach the island.

Before even stepping foot on the island it was impossible not to notice how incredible the water was. Living by the ocean I am blessed with crystal clear waters, and Obonjan had just that, the main difference, it was warm! When swimming you could see sea cucumbers, urchins and starfish meters below. Swimming was definitely one of my favourite things to do, myself and a couple of fiends even swam across to the opposite island where we found salt crystals and even more sea urchins!

Back to the ferry! The second I stepped off the ferry I was hit with the noise of the tree crickets! It is the most incredible sound of such life above you. Luckily for everybody the crickets go to sleep when the sun goes down! From the ferry I was whisked away to check in, taken on a little tour around the island, and then onto my beautiful accommodation. My description of a luxury tent won't do it justice, unfortunately I don't have any photos but it was beautiful, a two person bell tent with fairy lights and all. The base of the tent was a wooden slatted floor, it had a double bed, air con (which I didn't use as I like the heat), USB points and sockets, a little hang out area opposite the bed with a deck chair, mirror and cushions. Yes I had a few creepy crawly visitors but nothing I couldn't handle!

My schedule for the week was to teach, get myself to class and chill, and that I did. I went out there with wonderful ideas of doing lots of work and filming but the reality was, I didn't have internet in my tent (there is great internet out there, I just happened to be in the one corner which didn't), plus the sunshine, heat and my book was far too inviting.

Every one of my mornings started with early morning Yoga taught over at the East Harbour where there is the most stunning platform literally hovering above the ocean, no better way to wake up in my opinion. This was the perfect way to bring movement to my body before I went on to teach my SUP Yoga straight after. Obonjan is by far the most stunning place I have ever taught SUP Yoga, with the added benefit that you can practice in bikinis or shorts and a top, fall in, dry off in minutes and want to fall in again to cool down.

Yoga, workshops, talks, meditations, sound baths are in abundance on the island, there is something on almost every hour of the day. Most days I threw myself into 4-5 hours of Yoga, a few hours in the morning and a few in the evening. Luckily for me with it being Wanderlust week I was out there teaching with some incredible teachers and was lucky enough to squeeze myself into their classes! Every day finished with a sunset Yoga session on the West Harbour platform, perfectly positioned ocean side for the sunset and post sunset yoga swims....if you go, just watch out for the sea urchins at night, in fact watch out for the sea urchins at all times of the day. The rest of my days involved yummy smoothies, my book, chats and on one afternoon I had the best massage I have ever had at The Zen Den, outside under the canopy of the trees.

On my one day which I wasn't teaching on the island I took part in the island Tetrathlon, consisting of a round the island run, a sea swim, yoga and meditation. The best part of the Tetrathlon, meeting my partners in crime! Hehe only kidding no crime committed, but the most amazing connection and now lovely memories and incredible friends.

Days seemed to whizz by, and I started to truly relax and feel so connected to me, my body and my surroundings. I find it tricky to fully relax but there were a few moments where I felt pretty chilled and free of all worries.

My final day consisted of teaching 2 hours of back to back SUP Yoga, teaching a packed out sunset session on the stunning Manduka Forest Platform and being taken out for a delicious dinner by my new found friends! The energy on that platform was incredible and I won't forget it, we Mandala'd, we played, we flew, we did things we didn't think were even possible! It was incredible and such a send off.

Obonjan is not all wellness and chill, if you want to party there is definitely a party to be had! I attempted to stay up past midnight just twice....and I think I just about made it? Early nights and early rises will continue to be my go to but if your way of finding balance is a bit of yoga and a bit of party you are headed to the right place!

I had the most amazing time, yoga'd, connected, explored and met lifetime friends. I was slightly out of my comfort zone headed out there alone, but it was the best thing for me. I truly took the time out I needed (but didn't realise) to just be with me!

You don't necessarily need to go to an island to take time to be with you....but its not a bad place to be if you do!




P.S. In no way is this blog sponsored, I wasn't asked to write a blog when I went out to teach. There have been so many of you asking about my trip this is me sharing the highlights with you.

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