How I found myself here...

Checking in again for what seems to be a two weekly blog post....I finally have some time to sit down with a clear mind and write whilst I wait for my ferry to the island of Obonjan, I am here teaching SUP Yoga for the Wanderlust week. I thought I would write about something so many of you have been asking for, how I got here, my Yoga journey!

My reason for finding Yoga in my life will be different to yours and different to each one of my students because we are all individuals and it should be this way, but this is my story.

My parents took my sister and I on holiday to the same stunning stunning place each year for about 7 years and we would take the Yoga classes put on by the hotel each year. It was held on the beach in a purpose built mini hut....what I would now call a little shala. What I remember of these classes is endless giggles, looks from the yoga teacher; either attempting not to burst out laughing with us or a look to reign it in...depending on the teacher. We weren't being disrespectful, we were just on holiday giggling at quite how inflexible and uncoordinated we were. Bear in mind these 7 years were from the age of about 7, I'd like to say when I reached my teens I matured away from giggling in Yoga class but nope I didn't, I was that child going from super focused to giggling. If you know me, you will know I can literally laugh myself off my chair.

Anyway, I finished school and went to uni. I took a few Yoga classes at university but each time I left feeling worse than when I went in. Deflated, tired and feeling pretty shitty about my body and what I couldn't do. Needless to say I didn't stick with it! Without going into the whole ins and outs of my life between uni and now, I found myself working in marketing, unable to delegate and taking on a workload I couldn't cope with. Whilst running with it for 4 years, I also took up mono skiing and wake skating (the easiest way to get on the water when your landlocked), and here my Yoga journey got real. I didn't really know where to start so I grabbed a DVD my mum had bought or got free years and years ago and started to do a few practices a week especially after weekends and evenings up at the lake. Falling during mono skiing and wake skating, which I did A LOT, hurts and twists your body throwing limbs all over the stretching is an absolute necessity otherwise you find yourself where my husband finds himself now, with a recurring rhomboid injury. Anyway this DVD was just what I needed at the time, Ashtanga Vinyasa taught by Nicki Doane, whom I still adore and look to as one of my first ever teachers. I was so lucky a few years ago to take a workshop of hers at TriYoga when she was over on a visit to the UK. My practice of this DVD became daily, I started to explore classes in my area and whilst I was finding my feet, my Auntie was taking her Yoga teacher training and I was so inspired!

Work then started to truly take its toll and I just took on way too much and ended up getting shingles! In the words of my doctor, how on earth have you got are healthy, active, strong...STRESS was the cause. So I was signed off for two weeks and this provided me with time to reflect, have a big think and have some big realisations!

By this time I had met my husband and he was witness to how stressed I was becoming and my deteriorating health both physical and mental. Plus with him doing what he does, we hardly got to spend any quality time with each other, i'd be off weekends and evenings and he would be away weekends and a lot of evenings, and if he wasn't away he was exhausted and sleeping for his next shift. It was clear something had to change. I am so lucky to say that I had the full support of my husband to take the next step towards where I find myself now.

It wasn't instantaneous, I went back to work, ran a few more events and then it was time for the big change. I'd had enough, as much as I loved my colleagues and to a certain extent my job, I'd had enough. I decided I was off to do my teacher training very aware that if it didn't work out I was still young, and I would simply come back find another job and life would go from there. Clearly I absolutely loved teaching and came straight home and started up just little classes locally to where I was living so I could start to find my feet as an authentic teacher. And there you have it...for the moment anyway!

Big Love from me




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