There seems to be a marked day for everything these days, but this one, Global Wellness Day, brought to my attention by my friend Annie of Mind Body Bowl is an important one. Wellness will mean something different to you than it will me and that is why it is so perfect. If this day helps us to take control of what makes us feel well and happy then I'd say that was a hell of a good day! So let me ask you a question. What makes you truly happy? Weirdly enough my husband asked me this very question a couple of days ago. So today I took the opportunity to spend the morning doing exactly what made me happy.

Hendrik went off to surf at 6am and I stayed in bed for a little more sleep (only until 6.45am) and then swung open the shutters for some morning meditation in bed, which I very rarely make the time to do. After taking 20 minutes to gather my thoughts, it was time to Yoga and then head off on a bike ride ending up at the beach for a cool dip in the ocean before returning home for a nutritious lunch with Hendrik and his family...followed by a good old French nap!

Simple but blissful, to be surrounded by my own thoughts, taking check of my own energy and where it was directed. So what have you done today for you? The reason I shared my morning is to show you it doesn't have to be something crazy or even out of the ordinary, it just needs to be a conscious effort to do something for you, something that makes you feel happy, healthy and makes you shine inside and out.

Remember what makes you happy today may not make you happy tomorrow....its a day by day thing.





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