Accepting you're on holiday

Hendrik (my husband) and I haven't been away together on holiday since early January this year, so this was very needed. We are 3 days into our holiday and I just can't seem to accept that I am away and meant to be relaxing, surfing, sunbathing, walking, reading, running and playing! I am always looking and adding to my list of things that I need to do for the house and for work....I have one of those never ending know the ones?

On Monday we went for a lovely bike ride along the cost down the east side of the island. I felt pretty shitty, anxious, flittery, I was so in my own head I wasn't listening to anyone around me (but this is a whole other topic which I'll bring to the blog soon). However the bike ride was truly beautiful and gave me a little headspace for some realisations! And I had one! The realisation that I was paying NO attention to breathing, none, nada. I wasn't breathing properly, my breaths were short and shallow, I couldn't feel my breath, where it was going, the smells, the temperature of the air.

Being a Yoga teacher, which you may have gathered if you've reached this far on my website, everything is about the breath...if we are not paying attention to our breath we are not practicing yoga, on and off the mat. So spending most of my days being more than aware of how I am breathing to realise that this was the furthest thing from my mind was quite the realisation. Anyway I took a few big deep breaths on my bike, and it was like my overpowered Duracell battery took a moment followed by a wave of calm. This only lasted for the rest of the bike ride, the minute I was home with my laptop and phone in sight lists started calling once more.

I can't be the only one out there feeling like this? Perhaps a little overwhelmed and all over the shop on the first few days of holiday? You don't need to go on a bike ride (I would highly recommend going outside though), but go somewhere quiet where you can pull your attention back to your breath, listen to what is going on inside. Becoming an observer of our bodies and patterns can teach us so much about ourselves our feelings, emotions, physical tension. It can actually be pretty funny watching yourself,

realising why you are doing things...and seeing the same patterns show over and over again. Take the necessary time away and make time for you. I am going to take a leaf out of my own book and do the same.





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