Third time lucky?

If you've just received my recent newsletter and have clicked through to my blog, thank you! Thank you because it is pretty sparse at the moment. I have attempted this blog since my website went live back in 2013....I've always struggled with putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard! Recently I have been spending a bit more time writing my thoughts, feelings, goings on....not to share, just for my personal development.

I have avoided this blog section on my website, in my mind each piece had to be a certain length and theme, in reality it really doesn't have to be like that. I've always felt pressure when writing....thoughts come into my mind like 'it will never be long enough, or what am I going to say' I think it must be a thought pattern I've kept from school. I just want my blog to be from the heart, from me, and in the moment, hence the completely irrelevant picture other than it being of me this morning in my happiest moment of the day taking a morning bike ride with my husband to check the surf!

A few words is all it takes to make a difference, something to share, perhaps a recipie, something I am reading, thoughts which I feel may be of benefit to you, honesty; this is what this blog will be about, some posts only a few words others possibly an essay.

Anyway I hope you will keep revisiting my little life blog, and find it interesting. Perhaps it will be something you visit a little later on, but just know it will be here for you if you wish to take a read!

Will check in again soon!





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