I was in REAL need of a cleanse. My mind had become foggy, I was overly tired, feeling heavy and lacking the unicorn sparkle! Don't get me wrong, I am tired for a reason, life has been hectic since I returned from my honeymoon. Moving house and location, renovating, travelling, teaching, organising yoga events and retreats...pretty busy.

I have to admit I was not a lover of green juices. I rarely choose to drink juices, smoothies, shakes as I prefer to munch on my calories. I have attempted to create yummy juices myself and have epically failed. Treating my body to raw, organic juices, reducing inflammation and supporting immunity and health was not an opportunity I wanted to pass up.

My 3 day cleanse consisted of 3 levels, Level 1, Day 1; Beginner Cleanse, Level 2, Day 2; Intermediate Cleanse and Level 3, Day 3; Experienced Alkaline Juice Cleanse. I wanted to be able to give you honest feedback on all 3 levels!


Pre Cleanse

I would highly recommend following the advice Plenish Cleanse give you if you are embarking on a cleanse. They kindly send you an email before your cleanse arrives, suggesting how to prepare for your cleanse. I had a super light last meal, a simple smoothie bowl with berries, banana and crunchy refined sugar free granola. Right now it is my favourite thing to eat, so I didn't feel deprived.

Day 1

When you open the box you see the rainbow! My first juice was LIFT, being a green juice, I was a little nervous. So far it was the best green juice I had ever tasted, super refreshing and (this may sound weird) but you feel clean drinking it! Surprisingly I only drank 4 of the 6 juices on day one. You wouldn't think so, but I found it quite a challenge to drink all 6 juices in one day. Part of this may have been due to me being stuck up a ladder most of the day painting. I even went to the store without feeling deprived or overwhelmed with cravings. Normally in the evenings I can go to bed feeling heavy and not in the best mind set, but after day 1 I felt positive and happy knowing I was doing something amazing for my body.

Day 2

On to the Level 2 cleanse! This cleanse definitely had my favourite juice in it, CALM, containing pineapple, apple, mint and aloe. It was delicious, the sweetest and most refreshing of the juices, which is why I probably liked it so much. I had an amazing nights sleep, feeling motivated when I awoke. I started the day as Plenish Cleanse recommend (you receive a helpful guide to cleansing giving you some top tips) with hot water and lemon. Today was another busy day decorating in the morning and off to my husbands work BBQ in the afternoon. I thought this may be a challenge looking at all the food and not being able to eat any, not at all. I found myself analysing the food on offer, finding sugar content, bad fats and processed food flashing before my eyes. There's no doubt about it, being on a cleanse makes you more aware of your food choices and the effects eating it will have on your body.

Day 3

Another great nights sleep, waking refreshed and ready to go! Time for the hardcore cleanse. Today consisted on 4 green juices in amongst the others. I knew this might be tough. It was. I found myself questioning whether to skip a juice and head straight for my favourites, but I stuck with it knowing that the day would end with my absolute favourite, BUILD Nut M*lk. Today I really started to feel the benefits of the cleanse, more energy, mental clarity, flatter tummy, no cravings and healthy! I managed to squeeze in an afternoon run after a morning of painting. I found I could easily still keep active whilst cleansing, but we are all different so it is really important to listen to your body and do what feels right for you. By the end of day 3, to my surprise no strong cravings, lots of energy and the physical and mental ability to continue this for another few days. But my cleanse comes to an end and it was time to plan my breakfast, another great tip from Plenish Cleanse! I was definitely ready to enjoy some smoked salmon and smashed avo!

Cleanse or no cleanse?

Cleanse! I highly recommend it. I feel healthy, lighter, clear skin, brighter, motivated and clean! Cleansing does exactly what Plenish Cleanse says, it floods your system with heaps of vitamins and minerals so that you feel Plenished. You truly feel it, even after one day! If anything, cleanse to be kind to your body, give your digestive system a little break. I feel back on track, my body flushed of naughtiness and full of goodness!

Too busy to Cleanse?

If your thinking, I'm too busy to cleanse, I found it the best time to cleanse. You don't have to worry about meal prep. If you are out and about, grab your cool bag with a few ice blocks and take them with you. No need to worry about what you're going to have for lunch or a snack!

Do you have any energy?

Yes you still have energy, but everyone is different! My cleanse GAVE me energy. My daily Yoga practice felt strong, I got out and about walking and running as much as I could and had the energy to decorate our new house pretty much all day every day. It wouldn't be too sensible feeling faint whilst up a ladder! It is super important to do what is right for you, it is probably best not to sign up for a triathlon but stick with your normal routine and just see how it goes. If you have to skip a day or session, don't feel guilty or deprived, your body is working hard and getting so many other benefits!

Favourite Juice/M*lk?

My favourite juice was the KICK, full of lemon, coconut nectar, lime and red chilli! It certainly packs a delicious punch, and gives you the kick you need.

My absolute favourite is the BUILD. A creamy, calming, soft mix of cashew m*lk, vanilla, cinnamon, himalayan salt and dates to sweeten. It is the PERFECT last drink of the day, feels like a total treat and sets you up for a good nights sleep.

I so hope you have found my experience helpful, perhaps the inspiration to try a cleanse of your own. Plenish Cleanse offer so many options, daily cleansing to full week cleanse packages, or you can buy the juices and m*lks individually. I will definitely be stocking up on my favourites! Give it a try; Plenish Cleanse have kindly given my friends, family, readers, followers £15 off by entering Emmayoga at checkout!

Love, Ems xx

Catch me in London teaching at my Sunday Yoga Brunch on the 4th September at The Detox Kitchen. There may well be some Plenish goodies waiting for you!



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