My amazing team and I have produced these Yoga videos for you, for you to practice Yoga with me wherever you are. Once purchased, you can download the video to your computer, with the ability to transfer through to your iPad or phone, then yours to practice with over and over again!

These videos have been put together for Surfers,  however you absolutely do not need to be a Surfer, they are great for everyone; whether you are a beginner starting your practice, have an already developed practice, are active, Surf, SUP, play golf, tennis, or just simply want to move your body! Take a browse, read the feedback below and click above to preview before you buy! 

"Great videos Emma Jaulin! I have a desk-bound, corporate job and struggle to fit a full yoga class into my busy daily routine but these are just perfect! Once I'm home for the evening I can just pop one on (whichever length I feel I have time for) and have an engaged stretch. I'm also training for a triathlon and these are the perfect compliment to my running, cycling and swimming sessions, helping me strengthen and lengthen my muscles and prevent me having to take time out for injuries or a pulled muscle. So glad you made these - thank you!" Michelle, London UK


"I am writing this from a hotel room in Germany. My point? I have to travel a lot for work, which brings disadvantages that include long periods of bad posture on trains and planes, and not being able to attend yoga classes every week! Em’s videos have therefore proved invaluable.I first tried yoga years ago, but haven’t done it properly until I started attending Emma’s class last year. Before then I had tried most alternative treatments for lower back pain, which I have had now since surfing twice daily in Australia eight years ago.I now attend Em’s classes whenever possible, and have found a marked improvement in my flexibility. It has also helped rebuild shattered confidence in my back. The mix of classes and using the videos at home/when travelling is a real help, as the videos use similar content to the live sessions. I know plenty of surfers with back pain, but none that would probably do a proper yoga routine before or straight after surfing, as all want to maximise time in the water. I am guilty of this, but at least will now try to do the post surf routine later that evening – it’s a great way to wind body and mind down.I still surf very regularly and firmly hope and believe Em’s techniques will help prolong my surfing days for the next few decades." Toby, UK


"I really look forward to using Emma's videos. Not only do I get to look at some amazing scenery but Emma's great direction and calming voice allows me to feel really energised and relaxed at the same time. Living abroad means that I cant attend Emma's classes so the release of these videos is the perfect way for me to practice a style of yoga that really works for me. I hope she continues to make many more videos!" Amy, Dubai

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