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Over the last 5 years this page has progressed from Hang Ten Yoga to Emma Jaulin Yoga & Wellness and as we enter 2018 I feel the need for another slight change, so here we have Emma Jaulin Lifestyle & Balance. I noticed that towards the end of 2017 when people asked me what I do I would respond with I teach Yoga, teaching Yoga was defining me as a person, I give and create so much more, so I wanted this platform to be open to what lies ahead alongside my Yoga teachings.  On my website you will find all things from creations in the kitchen, some surprisingly delicious, home renovation tips (if you've been checking in on my instagram recently you'll see my husband and I have almost finished renovating out 1880's farmhouse), interior styling, inspirations, yoga videos, yoga classes and so much more as my inspiration leads me. My reason for all of this....we are all individual, we all have our struggles and highpoints caused by different things. I hope at some point, I might share something with you that you can relate to, question, enjoy, be a part of and share.


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